JK Entertainment presents ‘JK M ACADEMY', Our promising Performing Arts Academy;

JK M Academy’s focus in establishment is to give path to students who share a true passion and dedication in becoming artists.

For 7 years, JK Entertainment made history in presenting events, concerts and festivals. Therefore, we know the exact needs in becoming an artist.

Also, our artists can benefit with JK Entertainment’s relationships with both local and Korean Major Media Industries and artist management groups.

M Academy offers a Full Training course in Dance and Music to students that have passion in becoming an artist and also for people that just want to learn for fun.

We have high quality facilities: individual music rooms, dance studio and etc. to nurture and support our students learning environment.

JK Entertainment will constantly corporate with JK M Academy to build up the best system for our talented emerging artists.

What we can offer

Skilled lessons

We provide the most beneficial lessons for individuals or groups at any level but particularly for young artists under the well-organized JK M Academy’s training programs.


JK M Academy has relationships with Korean major entertainment companies. JK M Academy can fulfill the diverse audition programs to JK M Academy members.

High quality Studio

JK M Academy has a brand new dance floor, which is around 130 square meters. This is one of the largest studios owned in the Australian Dance Academy Industry. In addition, 3 individual instrument lesson rooms are provided for more professional vocal lessons.

Artist Management

JK M Academy is directly linked with number of media companies, therefore a huge benefit is offered to new artists. During JK M Academy lessons, if there are talented students with the potential to become an artist, JK Entertainment will offer all the Entertainment artist management systems and more specific lessons.

To achieve this mission,

JK M Academy has identified for five goals;
  • JK M Academy will continually elevate the level of lesson standard relative to a student’s improvement.
  • JK M Academy will keep its commitment for a better environment which can be supportive, inclusive and welcoming to all.
  • As JK M Academy is under JK Entertainment, we will offer a full lesson program to be an artist, when we recognize the potential of the student in this regard.
  • JK M Academy’s improving student will have a chance to be a guest for an actual artist’s concert or performance.
  • JK M Academy will be consecutively setting up educational program facilities for training of its nurture global talent; Vocal room, Studio, Dance room etc.



WHAT IS JK Dance Class?

JK Dance Class is for those who like a challenge. This class is designed to train you beyond your limits. Here, you can learn advanced routines, composing and more. Students wanting to attend this class are required to take on an audition . If you enjoy dance and thinking of taking it as a major, then visit our office for a consultation with our Dance Manager.


This class is for the advanced dancers, preparing and learning how to perform on stage. We will teach you the essential manners on performing on stage, preparing you how to grab the audience’s attention, facial expressions, stronger gestures and more advanced dance routines. Entry Requirements:

  • Current JK Dance Class students can attend the class without an entry audition
  • Haven’t attended JK Dance Class but have the dance skills & with trainers recommendation you will go ahead with the entry audition.

For any enquiries about JK Dance Class & JK Performing Class please visit our office for a consultation.


Cash payment, Bank transfer & Credit card

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JK M ACADEMY Bank Detail

Bank : Commonwealth Bank


BSB No : 062 016

ACC No : 1080 7355

Payment method

Cash payment preferred +61 2 9898 0717)

Transfer to JK M Academy bank detail (Note : please put your JK reference number +61 2 9898 0717)

Credit card payment - please contact to our office : 02 9898 0717

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